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Reaching the Stars, Poems About Extraordinary Women and Girls Publication Day!


Yes, today is PUBLICATION DAY of this book written with Jan Dean and Michaela Morgan, pub. Macmillan. It’s been going down very well with audiences.

If you’d like Jan Dean, Michaela Morgan or myself to visit your school with this book for readings and or workshops, please contact me at lizpoet @

Here’s one of the poems written by me (the shortest!) and the accompanying facts:

Bobby Riggs, a 1939 tennis champion, unwisely asserted that the female tennis game was inferior and that a top female player could not beat him. In 1973, Billie Jean King, who fought constantly for recognition and equality for women in sport, accepted his challenge, determined to beat him. She felt it would set the progress of women back 50 years if she lost and affect all women’s self-esteem. In front of a world-wide television audience of almost fifty million, she beat him easily. The match was called The Battle of the Sexes.


The Battle of the Sexes


Bobby Riggs, tennis champ,

said a woman couldn’t

beat a man…


Billie Jean King, tennis champ,

in three straight sets, showed

a woman can!



© Liz Brownlee




Text and poem © Liz Brownlee and Macmillan. Not to be reproduced.


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