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Book Announcement – Yippee!

THRILLED to be able to show you the gorgeous cover of my new animal shape poem book, written with lovely Sue Hardy-Dawson and Roger Stevens.

This has been a labour of love; shape poems are hard, it’s tricky to get the words in the right place and the shape of the animals exactly right when using letters and words and sentences. But it’s also been fun!

It’s hardback! (This is very exciting to a poet.) With colour! (Even more exciting!)

And it is for everyone – anyone from 8 to 88 and over can enjoy these poems shaped into the animals they are about.

It will be out on March 22nd 2018 – from Bloomsbury.



You can pre-order it here.


  1. Sounds (and looks) amazing, Liz!


  2. It looks fabulous, Liz – just right to catch the eye on a shelf too!


    • Thanks, Liz! Lorna Scobie has done the illustrations.


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