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A Rocketful of Space Poems














Today I received my copy of this book, published by Francis Lincoln –  space poems collected by John Foster, and illustrated by Korky Paul.

This book has quite a history – it was first commissioned in 2004, but publishing was put back year by year – in the end I didn’t think it would get published at all, but here it is – thirteen years later!

In fact, I changed the poem at one point as it was on a postcard, and as postcards went out of fashion somewhat, and Facebook statuses came in – I made it a Facebook status.

I am immensely pleased to have a poem illustrated by Korky Paul, in fact when I first started writing it was my ambition. Now I not only have a poem illustrated by him, but a super-duper double page colour spread! I can cross that off the bucket list now!

John Foster is a great editor, and it’s a super book – available here: A Rocketful of Space Poems.



  1. Great news – congratulations! (and those illustrations are wonderful)


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