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Happy Halloween!

It’s my birthday, today. So here is a Halloween Poem to celebrate. First published in Spooky Schools, Ed. Brian Moses, Macmillan 2004.

© Liz Brownlee


  1. I must confess I don’t ‘do’ Halloween, I’m currently ensconced in the back bedroom with the rest of the house lights out so I don’t get any knocks on the door. I do like the poem though – and Happy Birthday 🙂


    • Thank you, Eunice – if you are in the US, probably it’s worse for you. We don’t get Halloween visitors here in our village unless we advertise our willingness by putting out pumpkins – which helps with sanity if you don’t like visitors, children demanding sweets with menaces, or just want to be left in peace!


  2. Thea O'Brian

    Thank you for everything that you do and have accomplished. Happy Birthday too!


  3. Happy birthday, Liz – hope it’s full of “treats”!


  4. Happy Birthday, enjoy many hours still left across multiple timezones. 🙂



  5. Anonymous

    great poem


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