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Amazing A-Z Of The Very Best Children’s Poets #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA

This year my blog challenge is not about animals – it’s about poets who write accessible poems for young people, and each entry will have a poem.

It will end up as a resource for teachers and anyone who wants to look up and book a poet, find out about young people’s poets or just to browse and see the wonderful variety out there.

The challenge will be going on my other blog, Poetry Roundabout, and will be linked from here. I have many more than 26 poets and it is going to be SUCH fun!

Above you can see a small selection of the poets who have agreed to take part! It’s very exciting! One of them appears twice in this photo… uh oh!


  1. Glad you’ll be back! I’ll get the RSS feed for the other blog so I’ll be sure to get your posts…


    • Thank you, John! I put the other blog up a while ago, but haven’t had as much response as usual in the initial stages, probably because it looks like a new person!


  2. Liz, I’m looking forward to seeing your posts! Great theme.


  3. Great idea! I will share them with my grandson when age-appropriate (he’s only 4!!)


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