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Z is for Poet Benjamin Zephaniah, #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA

Yes! Today on Poetry Roundabout, the sister site to this one, the first post is all about Benjamin Zephaniah, who has kindly provided a poem. Here’s the link to the post: Benjamin Zephaniah #ZtoA #AtoZChallenge

Click on the title of the post on Poetry Roundabout to be taken to the post’s page where you will be able to comment. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting at Nickers and Ink. I stopped in to view a few poems at your POETRY ROUNDABOUT site, but I couldn’t find the commenting option.

    Favorite excerpt:

    People will always need people.
    To have friendly fights with
    And share tasty bites with.”

    Love it. Wish I’d come up with that. 😉
    Happy A-Z.

    PS: Please delete my earlier comment. Part of it was somehow cut off, so I reposted this one.


    • Hello! Gosh it took me a while to fond your comment, I thought it was on poetry roundabout! Lol. You have to click on the title of the post to go to the post’s own page, and the comment box will appear. I think I might mention that at the end of each post! Thank you. ~Liz


  2. That was a surprise to find Z to A! That’s the way to get those pesky letters out of the way quickly. 🙂


    • Lol! They are always difficult, aren’t they? Funnily enough, it was one of the other letters I had most trouble with this year!


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