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Apes to Zebras AND The Same Inside Reviewed in the Guardian’s Best New Children’s Books Supplement

It was a lovely surprise this morning to read two such lovely reviews. Many thanks to The Guardian newspaper. And to Matt Goodfellow for letting me know as otherwise I’d never have known! Matt, Roger Stevens and I really enjoyed writing these timely poems.

The review mentions exactly what we set out to do, so it was very satisfying and heartening to read.

Apes to Zebras also has a wonderful review – and glad to see that it mentions ‘delight children of all ages’, as we have had feedback from all ages; adults, too! The shapes made of words fascinate very young children and the poems are written for older children – and anyone, really! Roger Stevens, recently CLiPPA shortlisted Sue Hardy-Dawson and I had such fun writing and planing the poems and Sue and I shaping the final shapes, even though it drove us mad sometimes.

Feeling very happy about this, today.


  1. Is that Saturday’s paper? I will pick it up on Sunday morning (they keep it for me!)



    • Thanks, Jemima! Didn’t see this for some reason! x


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