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National Poetry Day is 4th of October!

Here’s a new poem on the theme of change, the theme for National Poetry Day 2018.


The Butterfly’s Lament


Why, oh why,

said the butterfly

did I have to change what I am?


I loved being

a caterpillar

doing things caterpillars can


chewing leaves

chewing leaves, chewing leaves

is all I’ve ever wanted to do


but now I’m

a bloomin’ butterfly,

I’ve no mouth, I can’t chew, and I’m blue


I’ll just have to

look for a mouth

if I don’t find one I think I’ll just DIE


Oh, look! There’s

a flower with nice rosy lips,

let me kiss them; hang on – I can FLY!


© Liz Brownlee


Why not send your poem on the theme of ‘change’ to lizpoet @ gmail. com, for consideration for posting on Poetry Roundabout?


  1. Loved it!


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