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AtoZ Challenge; Y is for Bernard Young

Bernard Young is an experienced professional poet and performer who leads writing workshops for children and adults. Bernard’s poems have been broadcast on local and national radio and feature in numerous anthologies of poetry for young readers. His speciality is primary school age. Here is a link to his new book, What are you Like? And here is a link to his website.

And here is lovely poem Bernard sent for the Poetry Feast:


Best Friends


Would a best friend

Eat your last sweet

Talk about you behind your back

Have a party and not ask you?


Mine did.


Would a best friend

Borrow your bike without telling you

Deliberately forget your birthday

Avoid you whenever possible?


Mine did.


Would a best friend

Turn up on your bike

Give you a whole packet of your favourite sweets

Look you in the eye?


Mine did.


Would a best friend say

Sorry I talked about you behind your back

Sorry I had a party and didn’t invite you

Sorry I deliberately forgot your birthday

– I thought you’d fallen out with me?


Mine did.


And would a best friend say, simply,

Never mind

That’s OK?


I did


© Bernard Young


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  1. So simple yet so deep. Poetry is powerful.


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