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Lola, my Literary Assistance Dog…

I hear that there are new dogs on the scene, imposters, claiming to be the first literary dogs. Well, I can assure you that LOLA is the MOST literary dog. Here she is reading children’s poetry as a mere puppy.

This is her, totally exhausted after perusing my Chambers Thesaurus. It’s tiring, being a literary dog.

Editing takes up a great deal of time, of course. Might as well do it somewhere comfortable.

Supporting libraries, something she passionately believes in.

The inevitable celebrity get-togethers with friends…

And of course, visits to literary festivals. Here she is enjoying a private session with Philip Ardagh, who read to her from one of his wonderful children’s books. He is one of her heroes, as you can see.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Lola can definitely be termed THE literary dog! (I particularly like the heart shape in the shadow in the above picture! Lola and I LOVE books!)


  1. Love the photos,. Lola was even more gorgeous as a puppy, which didnt think was possible!i


    • She was impossibly adorable, although people still think she is a puppy because she is so small!


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