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Be the Change – Global Climate Action Day

This is a scheduled post. Today is Global Climate Action Day – and I will be taking action by marching in Bristol with our young people to protest the government’s inaction, and all governments’ inaction on this issue.

On the subject of sustainability, Be the Change has arrived, in the form of my, Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens‘ new book of climate crisis poems. Young children are hearing a lot of doom and gloom, real doom and gloom of course, and many feel powerless. Each poem has a little ‘you can help’ tip underneath, small, real steps to help the planet, which are achievable by any young person. (I love the  cover, by Anneka Sandher, thank you, Anneka!)

So – here is the ultimate poem in this collection. Humans already have the ability to fight climate crisis. All that is missing is our own interaction, our own action, our own coming together, our own cooperation, our own will. It only takes everyone doing something, every government liaising with every other government, to arrange a way to save us all. Will it happen? Perhaps it relies on every person asking their own government to do something.  At the minute, we can only hope. 




Swirling slowly

in lilting flight,

as cold as stars,

the soundless white


of drifting feathers

spreading wings,

to sing the songs

that snowflakes sing,


of how small gifts

of peace and light

can change the world

in just one night.


© Liz Brownlee

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