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Reading Patron of Chewton Mendip Church of England VA Primary School

I am very pleased to have just become the Reading Patron for Chewton Mendip Primary School. I visited today and met all the children in each class, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Badger, Squirrel and Fox. What a lovely school! I read some poems, and was asked a lot of excellent questions. I took Lola with me of course and some of the questions were about her. I  didn’t tell the children what a very tidy dog Lola is. I took Lola’s bed in case we needed it, and as soon as I had unpacked it when we got back home, she picked it up in her mouth and took it back where it belongs. I have no idea where this tidiness streak comes from. It certainly isn’t me.

Here are the pictures I drew for each class – they have a poem each, too.




I’m looking forward to working with all the children, and helping to make reading fun!

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  1. Jess Thompsett

    Thank you for visiting us and wanting to be our Reading Patron. The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and we look forward to developing this special relationship. Jess (Mrs Thompsett: Fox Class).


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