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Can I Mention Christmas?

It turns out that all the books I have done for Macmillan have a green theme… so I made a Christmas tree! Should you be searching for a Christmas present… Be the Change, the newest book, written with Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens, are poems to help you save the world. Each poem has a little tip at the end, a simple thing that a child can do to help save the world. Oh! And it’s on FSC paper and board, and has no plastic on the cover to go with the all sustainable poems!

If you’d like to know how how to make a Christmas tree out of any pictures, I used Word – images of the books, which I layered into the tree, making them a ‘behind’ layer or an ‘in front’ layer as necessary, and then under Shape Format on Mac, or Format on PC, I ‘cropped to a shape’ for the star and the top of the tree.

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  1. Clever!
    It was great seeing all the ‘make a change’ books in Waterstones today – I only hope people act for a change – or in my case, reform: I seem to have slipped back from my ardent recycling ways, largely due to change in some of our local systems.


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