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If you are a teacher or parent or young person learning from home, if you haven’t discovered the excellent Russel Prue and Pie Corbett’s radioblogging show, on EVERY day, then you are missing out!

Lots of interviews with poets and authors, great writing ideas, readings, fun literacy games… the list goes on.

It’s all very interactive – young people can use the Padlet, a snazzy device, new to me, to send in their lines of poetry or writing, and to give their reactions as well as their creative responses.

A great learning resource.  Just tune in to at 9:30 every morning. Here is the link to me on the show this morning, because each show is recorded so you can listen to past recordings – I’m at about 18:20 but the whole show is very well worth listening to! with Liz Brownlee’s poem!

If you follow me on here you probably know that over on my sister blog, Poetry Roundabout, there are a lot of poetry resources – interviews with poets, poems, funny poems a day often with a joke, poetry book reviews, artwork, etc.etc.

Hope you are all doing well in your isolations!

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  1. Sounds interesting but too advanced for my five year old.

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