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Hello, I’m Liz – this is my personal website; if you want poetry information, lesson plans, poetry writing ideas, interviews with other poets etc., then please see my other website, Poetry Roundabout. This is poetry information about me, me, me, and also poetry celebrations!


  1. relebokgile

    Hi Liz I’m doing a story on the poem “Greta thunberg” you wrote. I’m trying to find information about you but I can’t on the internet …I’m 12 years old and this is for my English class at selborne primaryschool I live in African.
    if you could please let me know what age you are and how long you have been a poet.



    • Hello, relebokgile. There is information about me on this poetry blog under the tab at the top which is labelled ‘About Me’ – you will find all the information your require there!


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