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Hello! I am Liz Brownlee, a British poet and author – I write children’s poetry. I’m also a National Poetry Day Ambassador for the Forward Arts Foundation.

My Twitter name is @lizpoet

My alternative blog, for all things poetry-related, is Poetry Roundabout.

I live in a 400 year old cottage in a village with my husband Peter, who is a wildlife film editor, mainly for the BBC. We have two grown up children, our daughter who lives a few miles away and works for a green charity and our son who lives with us at the minute and works in hospitality. We have a cat, Milla, and a dog, Lola – Lola is a medical alert dog, and she alerts me if I have low or high blood sugar, as I have no warning symptoms.

I hope you enjoy looking through this blog – it has poems and information, poetry news, and a link to my website which has some of my poems, a magnetic poetry game, videos and animations of poetry, and lots more. There also a link to Poetry Roundabout, my website with general children’s poetry news and other fun things!

My books and some reviews:


Review by Ana on Amazon:

“Liz Brownlee has astonishing empathy for the animal world. She doesn’t just observe, she inhabits her subjects. She cares deeply about animals and makes us care by homing on the essential character of each species. Diversity is more than the mere shuffling of DNA. We share her fascination with the results of that process. The fine-tuning of the animate to its surroundings produces delightful quirks of design; each one individual, precious and irreplaceable. She expresses all of this in language which is exquisite, poignant and frequently witty. It can be read by children and adults with equal enjoyment. I can’t think of a better way to educate children about wildlife and conservation.”

Review by bobdylansnose on Amazon;

“This is a fantastic book to be enjoyed by animal lovers of all ages. My Y6 class loved the poems and were enthralled to learn about some of the incredible creatures; there were gasps when I read the info about the Madagascan Robber Moth and its diet of tears, and the poem became the catalyst for their own writing. Liz is a wonderful weaver of words, and every poem is a cracker! She can do the glacial beauty of ‘Snow Petrels’ and ‘Snow Leopard’ but also the gentle warmth of ‘Orangutan.’ A thought-provoking collection that should be in every school library – and on YOUR bookshelf!”

Review by Jacqui on Amazon:

A great mixture of fact, humour and artistry, with sensitive view on the animals in danger of extinction. Excellent for adults and children.
Animal Magic is available from IRON Press and Amazon.

Review by Justin on Amazon:

“There’s nothing wrong with creating collections about football or the seasons or emotions or festivals/celebrations but there are plenty of them in the world of children’s poetry. This collection celebrating extraordinary women and girls of history – as well as exploring the realities of growing up a girl in contemporary times – is extraordinary in itself. The poetry is enjoyably readable and cleverly crafted mixing a wide variety of poetic styles. Boudica, Rosa Parks and Malala are among the many woman that get a mention. A real breath of fresh air for those interested in either history or poetry and a must for the classroom.”

Reaching the Stars, Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls is available here.


Review by Sue on Amazon:

“‘The Same Inside’ is a beautifully written and wonderful book of poems that everyone needs in their life. It takes you on a journey celebrating and valuing all that is good about being human and the diverse people we share our planet and our lives with.

Each of us will experience these poems differently but all of us will find our friends, our families and even ourselves among these pages. Both joyous and reflective it sometimes brings a lump to the throat.

So often though it makes you smile and feel hopeful. A lovely book to share with children and a must for all teachers planning assemblies and lessons on empathy and understanding. It tackles some tough subjects with great sensitivity and in a very accessible way. It reminds us that we all have fears and dreams and as such we have much more in common than we have differences.”

The Same Inside, Poems about Empathy and Friendship, is available here.


Apes to Zebras is out on the 22nd of March 2018, and is available here.


  1. Dawn & Luna

    what a lovely blog Liz and also a beautiful little Lola you have 🙂


  2. OMG i wanna wrap my arms around Lola!


  3. Ah, if you ever meet her, that will be easy, she is the world’s cuddliest dog!


  4. wow. Did you draw the cover? :O


    • I did not! The cover illustrates one of the poems, about the red-crowned crane. I wrote the poem after watching a film of them dancing – in the dance, the necks of the cranes formed a heart together. So I wanted a painting of that – but the artist (Rose Sanderson) needed a source photograph. It took me weeks to find one! But I did – by searching Flikr, I found the perfect photo, taken by Dorit Bar-Zakay, a woman who lives in Tel Aviv and who had taken the photo on the Japanese island of Hokkaido where the cranes live. She kindly gave Rose permission to use her photo as the source of the beautiful painting on the cover of my book. Although I love drawing, I am a poet not an artist!


  5. David C Johnson

    Name that Tuna

    Skipjack, Albacore
    Blue or Yellow Fin
    Served up as sushi
    Preserved in a tin
    Rhomboidal profile
    Sport angler’s delight
    Two hundred pounds you weigh
    And put up quite a fight
    Fastest of swimmers
    You can’t escape the nets
    Destined to be dinner
    For humans and their pets

    written by David C Johnson ©April 2013


  6. Great theme for A-Z – nice blog/web site – I like the endangered animal poetry theme.


  7. This might seem weird, but I stumbled across your beautiful comment about green on a blog about Bosnia, which led me to this blog 🙂 It’s just lovely and I look forward to reading more soon!


    • Why, thank you Nina! I’ll be in to see you soon!


  8. Thank you for visiting my site. I wonder if your published work is similar to Joyce Sidman’s. Have you heard of her? American, I believe. As a librarian, I will definitely be looking for your published work! Love your dog.


    • I have heard of her, and someone has said that to me before -I’ve not seen a book over here by her, though! Thank you!


  9. Hello! I have to tell you what a wonderful smile you have. Your book sounds like a great way for children to learn about endangered species. Lola is amazing. I did not know dogs could be trained to sense blood sugar levels.


    • Aww, Lillian, thank you. *smiles widely* Lola is amazing, and very cuddly. She sends you a lick.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. See? I’m here again…Curiosity brought me here….Good to know a fellow Brit around here – at least, to know for sure. 😉 Probably be back again.


    • Oooh, where are you from, Bushka? We are few and far between!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Down on the south coast – Sussex….I suspect there are more of us…perhaps in cognito… 😉 Hopefully keep in touch.


  11. This is my blogsite…. 😉


  12. Visually stunning blog! I enjoyed the various genres too. Really something for everyone here. Congrats on the A to Z challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. i FOUND YOUR BLOG JUST TODAY FOR THE A TO Z CHALLENGE. oops, all caps. my bad. love the information about women in the past. and like your poetry as well. i enjoy your blog. if you have time, i invite you to take a look at mine. Nancy Thornton from
    it sounds like a cool house you live in!


    • Hi, Nancy, thank you! I thought I’d replied to you, but clearly not! Thank you, I’m so happy you like the blog (oh, maybe I’m recalling replying to you on your blog?). There’s a whole alphabet of them…

      Liked by 1 person

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