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After the shower

When Lola gets back from a walk, she stands outside the front door (unless it is really tipping with rain).  This is while I remove my doggy bag, camera if I’ve taken it, boots, coat, fleece and occasionally, hoping no-one sees me, my top, so I am less likely to get mud on me… then I pick her up, back towards me, muddy legs and anything else muddy away from me, and take her to the bathroom.

In our little bath, which is ancient, claw footed and way to narrow for anyone but a starving chimney sweep to use, I put her down on a long, extra long in fact, rubber mat. Then put the cold water on first, which she laps at until she isn’t thirsty any more – did you know that dog tongues curl backwards and become a spoon to lap up water? Have a click and look here, it’s worth waiting through 25 secs of an ad –  Dog lapping video!

After that I put the hot in (Lola has no body fat – put cold water on her and she starts to judder like an old-fashioned car being cranked with a starting handle) and rinse the mud off. If it is smelly mud, she gets some conditioner. If it is very smelly, like fox poo, she gets tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar, then conditioner to get the smell off. Does work. If it’s just water sometimes I finish off her paws with some aloe vera gel, then squeeze her out, lift her downstairs and towel her dry.

Now this is where being a doodle comes in. If you don’t have a doodle – maybe you don’t know this. Doodles get themselves completely dry by swimming ear down on their sides on the carpet. Then they turn over and do the other side. It’s very funny to watch. Sadly, usually, I am getting dressed again so miss all the fun.

Doodle getting dry – this was when she was little and we didn’t have any microfibre towels, which are a BOON:

When her fur is shorter it doesn’t take as long… then, she sits in a sunbeam, or dampens my lap or burrows under a rug… or sometimes, I pop her into one of her fleece coats to keep her warm till she’s toasty again.

Today, in a fleecy coat AND a sunbeam!


  1. This is so cute. I’m really imprerssed with what they can train dogs to do. I didn’t realize they could train them for blood sugar! Lola is a real treasure. What a blessing and a joy having her around.🙂


    • Thank you cubbyholes, she is cute, and is certainly a joy. And all soft, and she doesn’t smell of dog… a bug plus!


  2. Anny King

    I’ve just found your lovely blog, following the link,on the labradoodle association site.
    Oh if only Dude were small enough for me to get him into a bath!! We make do with 2bowls of soapy water for the feet!
    Like Lola he does that “swimming” on the carpet to wipe his face which always makes us laugh!


    • Anny! Hello! Isn’t it hilarious? xx


      • Anny King

        It really is! I’ve never known another dog who did it! Sometimes he does it at night in the bedroom too😱😆


      • Really? Lola does it after eating sometimes, which I try and discourage, I don’t really want her chops wiped free of Nature’s menu on my carpet!


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