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T is for Children’s Poets Jill Townsend and Nick Toczek #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA

  Jill Townsend . Jill Townsend Jill Townsend has had poems for children published in over 80 anthologies and her collection, Going To The Olympics, is available from Amazon on Kindle or for download to a p.c. She also writes for adults. Her website is here. . Here is one of her lovely poems:   …

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U is for Children’s Poet, Kaye Umansky! #AtoZChallenge

. Kaye Umansky Kaye Umansky started writing stories when she was a child. She trained as a teacher and taught Drama, Music and English, and carried on writing stories in her spare time. In 1985 she had her first book published, and is now is best known for her funny children’s novels, like the Pongwiffy …

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Amazing A-Z Of The Very Best Children’s Poets #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA

This year my blog challenge is not about animals – it’s about poets who write accessible poems for young people, and each entry will have a poem. It will end up as a resource for teachers and anyone who wants to look up and book a poet, find out about young people’s poets or just …

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