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Gerard Benson

It’s the late Gerard Benson’s birthday today – so to celebrate, here he is in a video I have not shared before. Some years ago at a poetry retreat he performed the Blacksmith poem – in Anglo-Saxon! It’s just amazing how much of it you can understand.¬† Anglo-Saxon forms a great deal of our English …

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Poets Write Where They Can… The Video!

. Many years ago, poet Roger Stevens¬†invited other children’s poets to take part in a poetry retreat in Shropshire. I wasn’t a new poet at the time, I was fairly well published, but I didn’t know many other children’s poets at all. I was rather shy of meeting them. But I decided to go – …

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eXtra eXcellent Poet Gerard Benson

If you are looking for my actual A-Z post for ‘X’, please scroll down below this ‘Xtra’ post. One year ago today, the wonderful Gerard Benson (poet, actor, raconteur, book reviewer, former Barrow Poet, and former teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama) died. I couldn’t let this day pass without reposting this …

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Gerard Benson, poet

Gerard and Cathy Benson. The inimitable Gerard Benson, actor, poet, raconteur, book reviewer, editor and co-founder of the ‘Poems on the Undergound’ project, former Barrow poet, former teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama, died on Monday evening, 28th April 2014. He was an immensely talented poet – and any poem read in …

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