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Christmas Lullaby

Nothing to do with animals – just a lullaby sung by my choir, for Christmas! Christmas Lullaby, John Rutter, sung by Better Than Chocolate, 2012

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Mermaid hunting in Bristol

Some of you may have heard that Bristol docks’ water quality has improved a lot in recent years, and is now so clean fish have been seen venturing up into Bristol. But you may not have heard about this… Last Thursday evening in Bristol, I was astonished to be accosted by a clearly unhinged man …

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Animal Magic

My book, Animal Magic, will be published in April. It contains more than 40 poems and facts about endangered animals, beautifully illustrated by Bristol artist, Rose Sanderson.The foreword is by Dr George McGavin, insect and small animal expert on ‘The One Show’ and ‘Expedition’ series on the BBC. If you’d like a copy, you can …

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Welcome to my blog!

Well, this is the first post. Here I hope to wander through poems and poetry related issues, talk about Lola my lovely medical alert dog, and generally waffle about stuff. do have a nosy around – there is also a link to my website on the right.

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