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Dogs have expressions!

Dogs definitely have expressions. Lola has a huge number of different ones. The funniest one, for me, is the one where she has just alerted me to low blood sugar and she knows she is right. She sits and looks at me, and her mouth has what can only be described a smirk on it. She only has her mouth in this shape on these occasions. For obvious reasons I dont have a photo of this one.

NEWS FLASH!! I got the photo. Kept the camera on on the table just in case this tea time. Here it is, the I know I’m right and you have to give me duck breast smirk:

Then there is the ‘if I’m very careful she won’t see me pick up this stray morsel of I- don’t-know-what-but-it-smells-good on the floor and I can dash out of the room and wolf it down behind the door…

This next one is the ‘I really hate you for doing this to me…’

In contrast to ‘I’m so happy I could burst…’

I know in this one she’s shocked and horrified that this is how she will be represented on the Christmas letter…

And lastly, the ‘oh all right, I’ll sit for just one more photo, but I have a sneaky suspicion this isn’t all you want…’

I can always tell how Lola is feeling, whether she is wary, scared, fed up, happy, distracted, thirsty – and I suspect that most dog owners recognise expressions of their own dogs too.


  1. What an absoDOODLE cutie. Love your poems, so happy you found me and The Boys ( We’ll be back to visit again. Happy Monday 🙂


    • Thank you, Cathy! I couldn’t resist visiting you, could I!


  2. lola is adorabel


  3. Oh Lola, how adorable you are! I wish you could meet my boys and girl 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. greyzoned/angelsbark


    Michele at Angels Bark


  5. Lola’s very cute. Lots of wonderful doggy expressions there. Who says dogs can’t talk!


    • Thank you, Marje! Absolutely, they are more communicative than i could possibly have guessed!

      Liked by 1 person

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