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Lola in a bow

My son had been tidying his room. Back from university with all his gear, there was no room for him to actually sleep in there. This is despite the fact that it is a double room, with no bed in it – his bed is up a ladder and over another room. His room is HUGE.

But – he’s very sentimental. Never throws anything away. He’s always been like this, when he was small, if I brought home some outfits for him to try on he’d want them all, because he didn’t want the ones he didn’t like as much to feel rejected.

So getting him to tidy his room and throw stuff away is no easy matter.

He came downstairs with his first ever bow tie (worn when he was 2 until he was about 5).

And we realised that it was just the right size for Lola!

I’m not sure Lola agreed that it was such a good idea though…

Have you ever seen such a disgusted look on a dog’s face! I think not.

We removed it.

1 Comment

  1. Liz

    I hope nothing else of his fits her or you’ll never get rid of anything!


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