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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Heather F Reid

Request from a Guide Dog


If we should meet,
please don’t tempt me with treats
or excite me
or jiggle my ears.


Don’t invite me to play
or put things in my way,
I’ve been training for this day
for years.


Don’t stand firm in my route
and shout ‘ISN’T HE CUTE!’
Don’t encourage your dog to say hi.


Though it’s tempting to pat me
you’ll only distract me
so, please, carry on, pass me by.


© Heather F Reid


Obviously this is a message VERY close to my heart!

National Poetry Day Message Poem by Alan Nicholls

This amusing poem arrived about an ant!


Dear Ant,


you bit my ankle,

your half-back bit my calf.

So when I squash you dead,

you bug! Excuse me if I laugh.


© Alan Nicholls

National Poetry Day Message Poem by Jill Townsend

To the Panamanian Gold Frog


You gesture with a little wave

to see off any new arrival –

other male frogs as brave

as you, who gesture with a wave.

But now the situation’s grave:

a fungus threatens your survival.

Your gesture with a little wave

may not see off this new arrival.



© Jill Townsend

The Panamanian Gold Frog is probably extinct in the wild now – it was a unique frog that lived by torrential rivers and which signalled to its mates with waves as croaking would not be heard above the sound of the water.

Gerard Manley Hopkins Poem read by Chris Packham for National Poetry Day

The Windhover: To Christ our Lord by Gerard Manley Hopkins, read by Chris Packham


A tanka and haiku for National Poetry Day Message poems by Pris Campbell

a tanka



fills the river

my tears

accompany the dead fish

on their last journey home




three haiku



hazy day

soot falls from the sky

like rain


baby sea turtle

bright condo lights lead him

astray from the moon


wildflowers gone

from where once I climbed trees  –

another resort



© Pris Campbell

Daisy’s Sky Message Poem Video for National Poetry Day


Lovely Daisy Proctor, age 7, reading her poem for National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day Message Poem by Joey Andrews

To Humans – Message from a lone wolf


Why humans,

Do you come to me,

Separate my pack,

Lock me in a cold cage,

Wear my family off your backs?


I sit there in that lonely cage,

But Nay! A friend arrives,

Behold yet it’s an empty shell,

For as your coat it flies.


But now I’m free and snow falls low,

While dust streaking my fur,

I see my favourite hunting spot,

Is also now your turf.


And as I write this, looking up,

My moon lights up the sky,

Will you take that from me as well?

I’d like to see you try.


© Joey Andrews (13)

National Poetry Day Message Poem by Will May, Ardingly College Prep.

Apology to a Greyhound


Why do we make you run so fast?

Released from the traps so we can tempt you with the hare as bait,

Think you can turn the sand to glass,

But all that happens is that you wait

And when you reach your last,

So then to you we sate,

When you can no longer turn the sand to glass

And no longer be released from the traps to be tempted with the hare as bait,

You are past.

Gone to the next life to end your tormented wait.


© Will May (12)

National Poetry Day Message Poem by Charlotte White

Message to an Iceberg


Dear Iceberg


I have to tell you, it is us

we are making all the fuss


We know you’re melting

however people are belching

out with smoke


We know you’re meant to be cold

and we’re way to bold


It’s not right that you are dying

We don’t care because we’re flying


I’m so sorry about my people

I’ll go stick them in sticky treacle



© Charlotte White

National Poetry Day Message Poem by Darcey Frankland

Message to the Rainforest – I Will Try


Dear rainforest,

I will try to stop them cutting you down,

it won’t be easy, people treat you like a clown.

I will write to the government, king and queen,

even if you are starting to lean.


I will try to let the birds have a house,

it will also help out the louse.

the oxygen you produce is how we live,

I think it’s time for the people to give.


Without paper we can survive.

No oxygen, well, we won’t be alive.


I will try to stop them cutting you down,

no promises, if this is the end, you were great,

you deserve a crown.


Don’t know how it will go, I will try

From Darcey (the human).


© Darcey Frankland  (12)