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F is for Fearful Owl

This excellent and very rare photo of a fearful owl was taken by Lars Petersson, and appears on his very interesting birdwatching and photography blog. The fearful owl, with its white eyebrows and lores (down the sides of its beak) which make a prominent ‘X’ on its face, and attractive, ochre colouring and black streaks, …

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F is for Fish (Seahorses!)

Seahorses are unusual fish – they breathe through gills and have a swim bladder, but they have no scales, instead a bony exoskeleton. They also have a neck and long, flexible, prehensile tail – things that other fish don’t have! This photo taken by Prilfish on Flikr is how most people picture seahorses: However, seahorses’ bony …

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A-Z Challenge Reflections

Magnetic poetry image by Natalie Roberts on Flikr. . Well… another A-Z has sped by! Once again, it has amazed me what a variety of blogs there are, and how amazing it is that just 26 letters can express so many words and so many worlds. (If you’d like to play on a magnetic poetry set, visit …

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D is for East Indian Wandering, Whistling Duck

A rather handsome wandering duck photo by FIR0002/Flagstaffotos. . . The beautiful deep red-brown and black-feathered, wandering whistling ducks are found in Northern and Eastern Australia as well as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands. . They prefer deep water where aquatic plants and insects are in plentiful supply. . They are gregarious …

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