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Panda by Liz Brownlee

Another video shot a few years ago in the snow… in front of the entirely appropriate bamboo!   .

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G is for Gorilla

Photo by Christoph Würbel on Flikr. . . . . There are 100,000 western lowland gorillas left in the wild – less than the population of Crawley, West Sussex. There are 17,000 eastern lowland gorillas left in the world – the same population as Ripley, the fourth smallest city in the UK. There are 880 mountain …

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A is for Armadillo – hairy and screaming!

. . The screaming, hairy armadillo, Chaetophractus vellerosus, is a small (about 14.5 inches) burrowing armadillo from central and southern South America. If startled or picked up, this little creature emits piercing cries, thought to be a defence mechanism. It lives in many habitats where it is possible to burrow, and is omnivorous, eating insects, vertebrates …

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