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AtoZ Challenge; F is for Fish Ventriloquist by Brian Moses

Lovely Brian Moses (links to Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?) has been a professional children’s poet since 1988; he has over 200 books published including volumes of his own poetry such as A Cat Called Elvis and Lost Magic: The Very Best of Brian Moses , (both Macmillan and illustrated by Chris Garbutt), anthologies, and picture …

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Apes to Zebras – my new book!

Well, I think its about time to mention my new book, written with Sue Hardy-Dawson and Roger Stevens. It’s an animal shape poem book, that has been beautifully produced by Bloomsbury. It’s coming out on the 22nd of March! We are all so excited about this. And you can win one (I’m not sure abut …

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It’s World Animal Day #WorldAnimalDay!

Why not get a copy of Animal Magic? It has 44 endangered animal poems in it, plus illustrations and facts about them on the facing pages.   Available here.    

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Imagine Poetry Festival at the National Poetry Library

On Monday 13th February I had a lovely day performing some animal shape poems to a brilliant audience, in what has to be one of the most wonderfully poetry-filled venues ever – the children’s section of the National Poetry Library at the Southbank Centre. I have animated my poems so that the shape of the …

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Forward Prizes for my NPD Poetry COMPETITION winners

    Forward Arts Foundation have very generously donated copies of their new book for winners of my National Poetry Day Message Poem competition! Do you have a message for the world? Get out your pencils and pens and say it with a poem! National Poetry Day this year is on October 6th. The theme is …

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45 Days until National Poetry Day!

Are you a poet? There are only 45 days until National Poetry Day, and this year the theme is ‘Messages’. Do you have a message for the planet, or an animal? Could you write a message poem from an animal, or habitat, or the world, to humanity? I am collecting message poems of this type …

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National Poetry Day 2016

Say it with a Poem! National Poetry Day this year is on October 6th. The theme is messages. In my role as National Poetry Day Ambassador, but also wildlife poet, I am asking people to send me message poems to an animal, or to the world. I am imagining poems to a declining habitat, pleas …

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Reading at Bristol Festival of Nature

Bristol is a very special place – for instance it is the centre of world wildlife films and the very best are made here. In fact my own husband won ‘The Golden Panda’ for being the best wildlife film editor a few years ago. Once a year a nature festival is held around the harbour – here …

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