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S is for Sparklemuffin

Of course there is an animal called a sparklemuffin! This is a serious blog! It’s a creature which is often disliked, but this particular specimen has earned the adoration of millions if not gazillions (*this fact not checked) of internet users. Really the only way to demonstrate the wonder of this creature is to link to a …

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N is for Numbat

This engaging little creature, photographed by S J Bennett, is a numbat! Numbats are little marsupials that now only live in a few small colonies in Australia. They are unique – one of only a few marsupials that do not have a pouch – the 4 baby numbats, when born, make their way to the teats on the …

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Q is for Quoll

This image of a sleeping quoll was taken by Lizardstomp, in Trowunna Wildlife Park, Australia, and is on Flikr. There are several types of quoll, they are Australian marsupials, although only one type has a true pouch – the rest form a fold when breeding to tuck their babies into and their young hang from …

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Q is for Quokka

Quokka by David Burton on Flikr. . I do love all animals, but there is something about this little marsupial that makes me smile and want to scoop it up and cuddle it silly. It is a small macropod, the same family as kangaroos and wallabies, and it jumps. It is about the size of …

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I is for Iridiomyrmex cordatus

  Drawing uses photo taken by Alex Wild – website here . Iridiomyrmex cordatus is a species of ant, that lives high in the trees in the rainforests of southeast Asia and Australia, inside a epiphyte – a plant that lives its life on the tree and gains its needs from it. This particular epiphyte lives …

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N is for Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

I really love these rare Australian marsupials. Their hairy noses are very sensitive and help them to smell their food in the dark as they have very poor eyesight. As well as the unusual claim to fame of having a hairy nose, they are known for being one of the largest herbivorous animals to live …

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Honey Possum

   Honey possums are so tiny (40 -90 cm), they need constant supplies of pollen and nectar to survive. They live in one small part of south-eastern Australia, and have a symbiotic relationship with the flowering plants there, passing on pollen as they feed. Honey possums are unique in several ways. They are not true …

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