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For twenty one years we have not used any chemical fertiliser or pesticide, and this year we have a hedgehog! I am SO thrilled. Now our garden is virtually free of slugs – our plants this year have thrived, even the things that are usually eaten before they reach a few inches of height! The first thing …

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J is for Jaguar

Photo of Jaguar by Jannick Turbe on Flikr. . . Jaguars are the largest cat in South America, and are now mainly confined to the Amazon basin. Formerly they used to roam as far north as the US/Mexico border. They have the most beautiful coats – golden light marked with black rosettes. Unlike most other …

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Extraordinary – male tiger takes on mother’s role

After their mother died from a blocked intestine in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India, experts feared for her two recently-weaned female cubs, only 4 months old. It was thought they would die without support within a matter of days. Nothing was seen of them for a couple of months – but then, caught on a series …

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