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National Poetry Day, I Wasn’t Me Tonight

This is the start of National Poetry Day week, and to celebrate, here is a poem for Sunday! There will be a poem with¬†light in every day this week read by people whose jobs are connected with light. This poem is read by Senior Keeper Emily Pugh, of Twilight World, Bristol Zoo¬†(where, incidentally, you can …

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Y is for Yap Flying Fox

Image by on the ARKive website, to visit site click here. . Yap flying foxes are red-furred bats with pointed faces and large, bright, intelligent eyes. They live on 4 small adjoining islands of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia. They inhabit mangroves, forests and agroforests. Agroforests are managed forests planted with trees, …

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U is for Upland Horseshoe Bat

All horseshoe bats have strange horseshoe-shaped nose leaves – unlike other bats, their ultrasound call comes through their nose and not their mouth, and it is thought that the shape of their nose helps to direct the ultrasound frequencies more accurately. The upland horseshoe bat lives in West and Central Africa, in caves in both …

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