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U is for Uhler’s Sundragon

Photo by Matt Tillett on Flikr. . Uhler’s sundragon is a rare dragonfly that lives in the eastern U.S and Canada. Not much is known about its lifecycle, but it is seen most often flying very quickly along the banks of fast-moving streams. Dragonflies have incredible abilities to fly up, down, backwards and forwards and …

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I is for Iridiomyrmex cordatus

  Drawing uses photo taken by Alex Wild – website here . Iridiomyrmex cordatus is a species of ant, that lives high in the trees in the rainforests of southeast Asia and Australia, inside a epiphyte – a plant that lives its life on the tree and gains its needs from it. This particular epiphyte lives …

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In the garden this morning… a demoiselle!

In May, out walking with my dog, I see these exquisite damselflies, the demoiselles, dancing in the sun and dappled shadows of the river margins. There are two varieties – these Beautiful Demoiselles, Calopteryx virgo and Banded Demoiselles, Calopteryx splendens – we are lucky to have both of them. This morning whilst writing, behind the computer outside …

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Y is for yellow-bellied asity

The yellow-bellied asity is a tiny, extraordinarily beautiful, brilliantly plumaged bird. It lives in high-elevation forests in Madagascar. It has a downwardly curving, black beak and drinks nectar using its long, hollow tongue. Despite being very small it defends its nectar sources bravely, flashing its bright yellow throat feathers at creatures many times its size, …

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J for Javan Slow Loris

Slow lorises are beautiful, huge-eyed creatures that live in Indonesian forests in Java. Less than a foot long, they don’t jump through the trees like lemurs or monkeys, but climb slowly using lianas and vines to get from tree to tree. They eat fruit, eggs, lizards, tree gum and chocolate seeds, are seen alone or …

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