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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Ethan Davies, Coastlands School

The Flower Follower . Dear Flower, . Please can I steal your pollen? I need it! We need that delicious dust So our hives can fill with honey. . Humans love honey. Sometimes they take care of you – Give you water, Put you in sunny places, Making you grow. . Please save our kind, …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem to a Bee, Liz Brownlee

Dear Bee . Thank you for your friendly buzz that lets us know you’re near to us; for all those busy daytime hours you spend pollinating flowers, helping grow the food we eat; for gathering the nectar sweet and making honey, bright as trumpets to drip from our toasted crumpets; and though a weapon on …

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NPD Poem of the Day – Mind That Sickle! by David C Johnson

. Todays wonderful message poem comes from poet and artist David C Johnson, of Bristol. . Mind that Sickle! . I had just finished my shift. I’d been buzzing all day And was looking forward to putting up my feet, All six, back home, down in my shaft. When you came along with your crashing,flashing …

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B is for Bees

Bees today! If there were no bees, there would be no crops, and humans would starve – they really do perform that important a role in life on earth. Here is a fabulous photo of a bumblebee by Matt Cornock on Flikr: Scientists believe that there were bees as long as a 120 million years …

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F for Fritillary (F number 2)

Well, I forgot that Sunday was a day off – and put up ‘F’ on Saturday night. So here is ‘F’ number 2 – Fritillary, an exquisite butterfly. . This beautiful photograph of a Gulf fritillary is by Ralph Daily on Flikr. . Fritillaries . Fritillaries, fritillaries, have butterfly fragilities, they flit and flutter by …

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B is for Bumblebee Bats and Bees

Bumblebee Bats and Bumblebees! Two species in one blog ! First, the bumblebee bat, which is the smallest mammal in the world! Only the size of a bumblebee (hence its name) at just over an inch long, it weighs less than 2g. Bumblebee bats live in caves in Burma and Thailand, and are endangered by …

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