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Skylark, read by me, animated by Nick Hales

Found this as I was looking through my poem films – hope you enjoy it!  

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Message to a Murrelet – National Poetry Day Message Poem, Liz Brownlee

Message to a Baby Murrelet . Baby murrelet how will you fare in the wind and sun on the ocean there, . leaving your nest to jump in the surf just one day after your egg-hatched birth? . I follow my parents who call out to me as they ride the swell on the vast, …

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K is for Kea

This photo of the very beautiful kea parrot is by Sid Mosdell, on Flikr. Kea parrots are endemic to the south island of New Zealand, where they live in the mountains. They are quite big birds, as large as a small cat, which helps with insulating them for this habitat. They are the world’s only alpine parrot. …

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National Poetry Day, Nightingale.

Only two days to go until National Poetry Day!!! Poem number 14, in this series of poems incorporating light, read by people whose ways of life or jobs are connected with light, is written by me. It is read by wildlife cameraman and producer Matt Brierley, and is a poem about the nightingale. This bird, famous for …

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A-Z of Amazing Animals

Hello! Starting from Wednesday 1st April, I am entering the brilliant A-Z Blog Challenge 2015. Every single day of April (except Sundays!) I will be posting the ultimate alphabetic guide to some of the planet’s most amazing creatures. I will be using photos, videos, poems and facts. I might even do some drawing, if I have …

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As you may (or may not!) know, I am a poetry Ambassador, appointed by The Forward Arts Foundation. The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day is Light which I’m sure will ‘spark’ many a beautiful poem from the imaginations of all the wonderfully talented poets in the UK! So why is there a picture …

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D is for East Indian Wandering, Whistling Duck

A rather handsome wandering duck photo by FIR0002/Flagstaffotos. . . The beautiful deep red-brown and black-feathered, wandering whistling ducks are found in Northern and Eastern Australia as well as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands. . They prefer deep water where aquatic plants and insects are in plentiful supply. . They are gregarious …

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X is for Xerosecta giustii

Xerosecta giustii is a rather pretty little snail that lives in Italy. Like many snails, it doesn’t have a common name. People just don’t notice snails usually, unless they are eating their gardens, in which case they kill them. But snails, just like many other animals, are suffering in a more widespread way from human …

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