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F for Fritillary (F number 2)

Well, I forgot that Sunday was a day off – and put up ‘F’ on Saturday night. So here is ‘F’ number 2 – Fritillary, an exquisite butterfly. . This beautiful photograph of a Gulf fritillary is by Ralph Daily on Flikr. . Fritillaries . Fritillaries, fritillaries, have butterfly fragilities, they flit and flutter by …

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B is for Butterfly

The monarch butterfly to be precise. Monarch butterflies form part of the largest migration of any animal – an up to 3,200 mile journey from the cool mountain forests of Mexico, where they spend winter protected from the extreme cold by clustering together in millions on oyamel fir trees, to North America and Canada. In …

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Butterfly conservation – you can help

a yellow leaf falls skywards – autumn butterfly Liz Brownlee Butterfly numbers in the UK are falling alarmingly – Butterfly Conservation is holding  a ‘count’ from the 14th July to the 5th August to establish just how low (or high!) figures are. If you’d like to take part, you can count for quarter of an …

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