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National Poetry Day is 4th of October!

Here’s a new poem on the theme of change, the theme for National Poetry Day 2018.   The Butterfly’s Lament   Why, oh why, said the butterfly did I have to change what I am?   I loved being a caterpillar doing things caterpillars can   chewing leaves chewing leaves, chewing leaves is all I’ve …

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Postcard Heaven!

When Apes to Zebras, an A-Z of Shape Poems (by me, Sue Hardy-Dawson, and Roger Stevens) came out, Bloomsbury kindly sent a whole load of postcards for advertising it; and very beautiful they are too, with two shape poems by me, two by Sue and two by Roger in each pack. Apes to Zebras is …

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T is for Children’s Poets Jill Townsend and Nick Toczek #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA

  Jill Townsend . Jill Townsend Jill Townsend has had poems for children published in over 80 anthologies and her collection, Going To The Olympics, is available from Amazon on Kindle or for download to a p.c. She also writes for adults. Her website is here. . Here is one of her lovely poems:   …

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It’s World Poetry Day!

  It being World Poetry Day, it’s probably a good idea if I post a post a poem – so here it is – At the Match with my earwig!   At the Match . They didn’t like my earwig, the reason I don’t know, but they chanted when I took him, earwig go, earwig go, …

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Poets Write Where They Can… The Video!

. Many years ago, poet Roger Stevens invited other children’s poets to take part in a poetry retreat in Shropshire. I wasn’t a new poet at the time, I was fairly well published, but I didn’t know many other children’s poets at all. I was rather shy of meeting them. But I decided to go – …

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National Poetry Day Competition Winners!

Many thanks to all the people who entered this competition, there were wonderful entries, if you’d like to read most of them, please click here. First of all I’d like to say a huge thank you to Forward Arts Foundation for the wonderful book prizes for the adult winners: And a huge thank you to Macmillan …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Daisy Proctor

Sky . I love you sky . The way you shimmer on bright blue days Your lovely blue light . I love you sky . . Daisy Proctor, Age 7

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