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This is a short video animation of me reading my poem, Skylark. The poem is in ‘Inking Bitterns’, an anthology¬†edited and fully and beautifully illustrated by Dru Marland, only available from Gert Macky.  

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O is for Octopus

I adore octopuses – the most intelligent of invertebrates, their intelligence rivals that of the most intelligent primates. Here is a fabulous painting of one by Dru Marland – this is from a rather wonderful, fully illustrated book of poems, Inking Bitterns, available only from Gert Macky which I highly recommend, not just because I’m …

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New Poetry Books (I am in!)

Recently, two rather lovely poetry books have been published, and both of them feature poems by me, so I thought I’d share their stories. The first is this one: I was first approached by John Tennent in May, 2013. He is a global authority on butterflies and a dedicated reader of poetry – and also, …

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National Poetry Day, Lightship

One of the obvious places to film a person whose job is connected to light was at a lighthouse. I knew there wasn’t one of those around – but when I mentioned this on Facebook, amazingly, I was told by Dru Marland that there is a lightship in Bathurst Basin, Bristol Harbour. An email or …

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