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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Alison Williams

Flow . my world is fluid in a constant state of flux . I am an ocean who once spoke to the dry land . I told him how much I admired his permanence . he answered me with rockfalls, landslides lava fields . he showed me all the pain there is in rigidness . …

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NPD Poem of the Day by Brenda Harsham

    . Poem of the day comes from Brenda Davis Harsham from Massachusetts: . This is just to say‚Ķ . Thank you, Earth that held tight trees bent to their knees in hurricane winds and . that imprints time itself on gorges, stone and shelf, in the language of fossil hieroglyphics. . Thank you, …

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National Poetry Day Poem of the Day – Thank You World

A Message Poem of the Day from Sandi Leibowitz: . Thank You, World . Thank you, Sky, for wind and cloud, breezes quiet, thunder loud. Thank you for the moon at night, for rain and for the sun so bright. . Thank you, Sea, for foam and sand, waves that rush to meet the land, …

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