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#AtoZ Challenge; R is for Coral Rumble

Coral Rumble has worked as a poet and performer for many years and now specialises in writing and performing for children. She has three collections, Creatures, Teachers and Family Features, Breaking the Rules, illustrated by Nigel Baines, and My Teacher’s as Wild as a Bison, also illustrated by Nigel Baines, and has poems in over 100 anthologies for young people. She …

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Save Liverpool Libraries!

Can there be anything more important or more of a sign of our democracy than a building that contains refuge, learning, opportunity, help, advice, warmth, somewhere to look for job opportunities, apply to college or university, find books to learn how to fix your tap, build a wall, write a successful job application, make origami …

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P is for Pelican

Pelican photo by Richard Taylor on Flikr. . . The name pelican derives from an Ancient Greek word, which itself came from a word meaning ‘axe’. Despite having the biggest beak, up to 1.6 feet, and being the heaviest birds to fly, pelicans are remarkably graceful in the air. They have air bubbles in their …

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I is for Invisible!

The eye of an Australian giant cuttlefish, taken by Richard Ling on Flikr. . Cuttlefish are a type of mollusk, and are masters of disguise. They have the largest brain in comparison to their size of any invertebrate. This photo shows the gorgeousness of the colours they can achieve. They can disguise their appearance in …

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H is for Hue – The Secret Miracle of Birds

Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) by Ralph Arvesen, Flikr. . . The secret universe of birds is extraordinary – and completely unavailable to us. Their vision has more acuity – they can see far finer grades of every colour than we can. A lemon-yellow petal to them may be a myriad of lemon-ness we will never experience. …

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