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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Emily Lewis

My Elephant Message . My tusks are gone My friends the same My parents are gone And we don’t know how . My skin’s now wanted To burn or to sell My life is now broken I don’t know how . What to do Well, I’m not sure Where to hide Away from their lure …

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NPD Message Poem of the Day

This poem, sent in by poet Sue-Hardy-Dawson to lizpoet @ for the start of the run-up to National Poetry Day, rules given here, is a ‘Poem of the Day’ posted on: . Dear Tiger, . though you are long gone to your Tiger god I remember your eyes melting forest your hot ghost …

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E is for Elephant

On the National Geographic site, ‘A Voice For Elephants’, Daphne Sheldrick, who has worked with elephants for many years,  says: “Elephants share the same emotions as ourselves, with a strong sense of family and the same sense of death. Like us they mourn the loss of loved ones. Each has an individual personality just like us. …

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Elephant mother

Elephants communicate with a very deep note which can travel through the ground. After she gives birth, an elephant mother sings a low note of greeting to her baby. Illustration © Liz Brownlee First published in ‘Shouting at the Ocean’ Hands Up Press 2009 This post is copyright material with all rights reserved, please do …

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