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E is for Elephant

This gorgeous image of a mother and baby elephant was taken by Mara 1 on Flikr. The more I read about elephants the more amazed I am by the stories and scientific evidence that shows they one of the most highly intelligent, empathetic, loving, noble and social creatures in the world. Elephants are the largest …

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A-Z of Amazing Animals

Hello! Starting from Wednesday 1st April, I am entering the brilliant A-Z Blog Challenge 2015. Every single day of April (except Sundays!) I will be posting the ultimate¬†alphabetic guide to some of the planet’s most amazing creatures. I will be using photos, videos, poems and facts. I might even do some drawing, if I have …

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E is for Elephants

We are beginning to realise that it isn’t just humans who feel emotion. Elephants are a prime example of creatures whose expressions of¬† emotion have been recorded and studied by scientists and given credence in recent years. Who has not read about the elephants who stop in places where they have lost relatives and friends, …

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