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National Poetry Day Message Poem of the Day – Each Day the Sea Writes

A fabulous poem of the day from Bruce Black, from Sarasota, Florida: . Each Day the Sea Writes . Each day the sea writes lines On the edge of the sand, and clouds Draw messages in the sky, and laughing . Gulls swoop and swirl and plead while Sandhill cranes raise their beaks high To …

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A is for Albatross #A-ZChallenge

Welcome to the first post on my A-Z Challenge, 2016! This fabulous photo of a wandering albatross is by Ed Dunens on Flikr. Wandering albatrosses are huge, they have the largest wingspan of any bird – reaching up to 3.5m, or 11 feet. They use their wings as gliders, locking them into position at the shoulders – using specialist …

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Reading at Bristol Festival of Nature

Bristol is a very special place – for instance it is the centre of world wildlife films and the very best are made here. In fact my own husband won ‘The Golden Panda’ for being the best wildlife film editor a few years ago. Once a year a nature festival is held around the harbour – here …

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E is for Elephant

On the National Geographic site, ‘A Voice For Elephants’, Daphne Sheldrick, who has worked with elephants for many years,  says: “Elephants share the same emotions as ourselves, with a strong sense of family and the same sense of death. Like us they mourn the loss of loved ones. Each has an individual personality just like us. …

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A is for Aye Aye!

Hello! Welcome to my first post on the A-Z challenge, slightly late! The first endangered animal this time is the aye-aye – oh, how cute they are! Aye-ayes are a type of lemur. They live in rain and dry forests, mangroves and bamboo thickets in Madagascar. They are the largest nocturnal primate, and also the …

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Animal Magic talk

On Saturday, 8th September I was at the welcoming Downend Library, Bristol, to read poems from my book and talk about the animals to an estimated audience of about 40. In fact, there were about 50 children ranging in age from about 4 to 11 – around about 10 adults and some fabulous librarians. These …

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Animal Magic

My book, Animal Magic, will be published in April. It contains more than 40 poems and facts about endangered animals, beautifully illustrated by Bristol artist, Rose Sanderson.The foreword is by Dr George McGavin, insect and small animal expert on ‘The One Show’ and ‘Expedition’ series on the BBC. If you’d like a copy, you can …

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