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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Jill Townsend

To the Panamanian Gold Frog . You gesture with a little wave to see off any new arrival – other male frogs as brave as you, who gesture with a wave. But now the situation’s grave: a fungus threatens your survival. Your gesture with a little wave may not see off this new arrival. . …

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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Harvey Roberts

Apology to a Lion . Sorry lion, your incredible head is at the end of my bed. . Sorry lion, all your little cubs were shot dead by mugs. . Sorry lion, your magnificent coat is carpet in a boat. . Sorry lion, your wonderful wife was killed by a knife. . Sorry lion, your …

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NPD Message Poem of the Day

This poem, sent in by poet Sue-Hardy-Dawson to lizpoet @ for the start of the run-up to National Poetry Day, rules given here, is a ‘Poem of the Day’ posted on: . Dear Tiger, . though you are long gone to your Tiger god I remember your eyes melting forest your hot ghost …

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