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C is for Cows

This is a handsome ‘Heeland Coo’ (Highland Cow for those who don’t speak Scottish!) by Arran Moffat on Flikr. People tend to view cows as placid, stupid creatures without much personality. In fact they are capable of the same level of intelligence as a dog. In one study they were¬†challenged in tests to find a …

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B is for Bees

Bees today! If there were no bees, there would be no crops, and humans would starve – they really do perform that important a role in life on earth. Here is a fabulous photo of a bumblebee by Matt Cornock on Flikr: Scientists believe that there were bees as long as a 120 million years …

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Q is for Quelea

A male quelea – taken by Alan Manson, creative commons license here. . Quelea . Flying in shifting umbras, a hurricane flock of quelea . darkening. . All the air winging, . their calls the sound of insanity. . A madness only surpassed . by the roar and flash of a bomb, . and rain …

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