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AtoZ Challenge; F is for Fish Ventriloquist by Brian Moses

Lovely Brian Moses (links to Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?) has been a professional children’s poet since 1988; he has over 200 books published including volumes of his own poetry such as A Cat Called Elvis and Lost Magic: The Very Best of Brian Moses , (both Macmillan and illustrated by Chris Garbutt), anthologies, and picture …

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F is for Fish (Seahorses!)

Seahorses are unusual fish – they breathe through gills and have a swim bladder, but they have no scales, instead a bony exoskeleton. They also have a neck and long, flexible, prehensile tail – things that other fish don’t have! This photo taken by Prilfish on Flikr is how most people picture seahorses: However, seahorses’ bony …

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D is for Dolphin

Hands up who doesn’t like dolphins? They are one of the best-loved creatures on the planet – maybe for their intelligence, maybe their friendliness – maybe for their smile. Here is my dolphin poem on the Forward Arts Foundation website: I’ve made this poem into a shape, which you can see here – not terribly …

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P is for Pelican

Pelican photo by Richard Taylor on Flikr. . . The name pelican derives from an Ancient Greek word, which itself came from a word meaning ‘axe’. Despite having the biggest beak, up to 1.6 feet, and being the heaviest birds to fly, pelicans are remarkably graceful in the air. They have air bubbles in their …

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I is for Invisible!

The eye of an Australian giant cuttlefish, taken by Richard Ling on Flikr. . Cuttlefish are a type of mollusk, and are masters of disguise. They have the largest brain in comparison to their size of any invertebrate. This photo shows the gorgeousness of the colours they can achieve. They can disguise their appearance in …

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F is for Fish

Fish. They are not what you’d think of immediately, if someone mentions endangered animals. And of course, keeping track of the  fish and sea creature populations is very hard. But sometimes it’s easy to know that a species is endangered – cod for instance, when fishermen catch fewer and fewer and smaller and smaller specimens. …

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