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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Rebecca Llewellin, Coastlands School

Dear Lavender, . I have to say The smell is delicious, The sway is divine, The colour so lilac-purple. I so much love those things – Swaying all day through. Bless you. . © Rebecca Llewellin, aged 8, Coastlands School, Pembrokeshire, Wales

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H is for Hummingbird

As you know, I love animals, and among animals, I have a soft spot for birds. If you’d like to know why, see G for Grizelda Greenfinch, in 2013’s A-Z Challenge. If I see a post on Facebook about birds, I take notice. When I saw this bird, from La Bioguia’s page, I just had to write a …

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B is for Bees

Bees today! If there were no bees, there would be no crops, and humans would starve – they really do perform that important a role in life on earth. Here is a fabulous photo of a bumblebee by Matt Cornock on Flikr: Scientists believe that there were bees as long as a 120 million years …

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And now I have the set – a banded demoiselle!

Today I took my camera on my dog walk, and decided to try to get a banded demoiselle photo by the river. The banded demoiselles seem more skittish than the beautiful demoiselles – every time I raised the camera the one I was looking at would fly off in a flurry of beautiful four-spot winged …

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B is for Bumblebee Bats and Bees

Bumblebee Bats and Bumblebees! Two species in one blog ! First, the bumblebee bat, which is the smallest mammal in the world! Only the size of a bumblebee (hence its name) at just over an inch long, it weighs less than 2g. Bumblebee bats live in caves in Burma and Thailand, and are endangered by …

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Honey Possum

   Honey possums are so tiny (40 -90 cm), they need constant supplies of pollen and nectar to survive. They live in one small part of south-eastern Australia, and have a symbiotic relationship with the flowering plants there, passing on pollen as they feed. Honey possums are unique in several ways. They are not true …

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