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Z is for zebra duiker

The last animal in my endangered animal A-Z is the zebra duiker. It’s a dainty,┬áSouth African antelope, with 12-15 black stripes down its gold to copper-brown back. The word ‘duiker’ in Afrikaans means diver – it was named after the swift dive into undergrowth it makes when disturbed. This little ungulate has a very hard …

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Y is for yellow-bellied asity

The yellow-bellied asity is a tiny, extraordinarily beautiful, brilliantly plumaged bird. It lives in high-elevation forests in Madagascar. It has a downwardly curving, black beak and drinks nectar using its long, hollow tongue. Despite being very small it defends its nectar sources bravely, flashing its bright yellow throat feathers at creatures many times its size, …

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Q is for Quito Rocket Frog

Yes – Q is another frog! They are my favourite animal, that’s my excuse. The tiny (snout to vent about 1.25cm) Quito rocket frog is from the valleys and slopes of the Andes, in mid to high elevation, humid, montane forests. Not much is know about it – it is a mossy green colour with …

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O is for Orangutan

This post is slightly more outspoken than heretofore… Orangutans are wonderful. Beautiful, gentle, intelligent – and they are very, very vulnerable. The forests both Sumatran and Bornean orangutans live in are being cut down mainly for plantations of palm oil. If you go into your kitchen and start looking at your labels, you will find …

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