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V is for Vietnamese Mossy Frog

This is another extraordinary frog – frogs really have some of the most incredible adaptations for their environment of any animal. This wonderful photo was taken by Andrew Mudd And this photo was taken by Josh More: Have I mentioned yet this year that I adore frogs? I have been most restrained and only posted …

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H is for Hewitt’s Ghost Frog

This gorgeous photo of Hewitt’s ghost frog was taken by Werner Conradie and is used by permission. Hewitt’s ghost frogs are beautiful, with a cross in their eyes and attractive markings – they have a flattened shape which allows them to hide in very small crevices, and strong back legs for swimming against the fast-flowing currents in their native, mountain streams in …

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National Poetry Day!

Today is National Poetry Day (I may have mentioned this once or twice, before!). The theme is ‘Remember’ – and Peter my editor husband and I have made a film of animal poetry readings by well-known poets, called ‘Remember the Animals’. Today I went to QEH school in Bristol to read poems about animals and workshop, …

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Y is for Yellow-Bellied Voiceless Tree Frog

Image © and by permission of Dr Rafe Brown, University of Kansas. . The yellow-bellied, voiceless tree frog lives in trees of the cloud forest in Mexico. It has always been rare, and not much is known about it – it is presumed to breed in the abundant vegetation around the rocky forest streams in the …

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X is for Xenopus Frog

. . Xenopus longipes, the Lake Oku clawed frog, lives in western Cameroon, high on the extinct volcano Mount Oku, in one lake that is held in an old volcano vent. It is surrounded by montane forest. The local people hold the lake sacred, which is lucky for the frogs, as the introduction of fish, always …

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R is for Rainbow Frog

The rainbow frog, rainbow burrowing frog or painted burrowing frog lives in dry forests and canyons in Madagascar. It is unusual because it has two adaptations for completely differing lifestyles. On its hind feet it has horny projections that help it burrow in the mud – where it spend up to ten months of the …

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Q is for Quito Rocket Frog

Yes – Q is another frog! They are my favourite animal, that’s my excuse. The tiny (snout to vent about 1.25cm) Quito rocket frog is from the valleys and slopes of the Andes, in mid to high elevation, humid, montane forests. Not much is know about it – it is a mossy green colour with …

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P is for Panamanian Gold Frog

Panamanian gold frogs are unique – living in a very noisy environment, next to rushing water, they have evolved a way to communicate to signal to rivals and to mates by semaphore. The male frog is about 40 mm, and bright gold with black spots – the female is larger, about 55 mm and completely …

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A-Z in April blog challenge – Alaskan wood frog!

Alaskan Wood Frog Amazing Alaskan wood frogs – they live in Alaska, obviously, and are attractive, unremarkable-looking, greeny-brown frogs about 3- 7cm in size. But they have an extraordinary ability. As it becomes colder, they burrow under leaves and mosses, and when it begins to snow and then freeze – Alaskan wood frogs freeze too! …

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