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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Jill Townsend

To the Panamanian Gold Frog . You gesture with a little wave to see off any new arrival – other male frogs as brave as you, who gesture with a wave. But now the situation’s grave: a fungus threatens your survival. Your gesture with a little wave may not see off this new arrival. . …

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V is for Venezuelan Pebble Toad

This is rather an endearing little toad, photographed by Gérard Vigo – one of the differences between frogs and toads is that toads do not have such long, strong, back legs as frogs, and move by small hops or walking. This little toad has found a way to escape from its predators (mainly the toad-eating …

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P is for Paradox Frog

Paradox Frog . The paradox frog lives in lakes in the middle of South America. Unlike most frogs it stays in water most of the time and doesn’t just breed there. It doesn’t croak, it has a oink-y sort of a call; but this isn’t unusual, if they have a call, most frogs don’t croak, …

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Paradox Frog

  The paradoxical frog lives in lakes with floating vegetation in South America and Trinidad. Scientists do not know why this frog lays eggs which hatch into huge (up to 27 cm) tadpoles, but which shrink instead of growing into small (4-6 cm) frogs. It is not endangered at the moment. Illustration© Liz Brownlee

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Bamboo Tree Frog

. Illustration © Liz Brownlee Bamboo tree frogs are quite numerous and not endangered, which is why he’s not in my book,  Animal Magic!

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