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M is for Moth – Moon Moth

Photo by ¬© John Saxon on Flikr. . . The luna moth lives in North America. It is a beautiful, huge, pale-green moth, 4.2 inches across, but is seldom seen as it only flies at night. Caterpillars feed on a variety of plants including walnut, birch, alder and, rather appropriately, Moonflower leaves. The moth makes …

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A is for Armadillo – hairy and screaming!

. . The screaming, hairy armadillo,¬†Chaetophractus vellerosus, is a small (about 14.5 inches) burrowing armadillo from central and southern South America. If startled or picked up, this little creature emits piercing cries, thought to be a defence mechanism. It lives in many habitats where it is possible to burrow, and is omnivorous, eating insects, vertebrates …

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S is for Spider monkey

Spider Monkey, taken by Michael Schamis, under creative common license here. . Spider Monkey (Written for Bristol Zoo 21013, up in the monkey house) . Said spider monkey to the fly, I love to leap from branch to sky, . and stop to look and hook my tail upon a branch along my trail . …

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P is for Paradox Frog

Paradox Frog . The paradox frog lives in lakes in the middle of South America. Unlike most frogs it stays in water most of the time and doesn’t just breed there. It doesn’t croak, it has a oink-y sort of a call; but this isn’t unusual, if they have a call, most frogs don’t croak, …

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A-Z in April blog challenge – Alaskan wood frog!

Alaskan Wood Frog Amazing Alaskan wood frogs – they live in Alaska, obviously, and are attractive, unremarkable-looking, greeny-brown frogs about 3- 7cm in size. But they have an extraordinary ability. As it becomes colder, they burrow under leaves and mosses, and when it begins to snow and then freeze – Alaskan wood frogs freeze too! …

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