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Lola’s Gromit-athon 3…18 visited today!

Please see post 2 below for the information about Lola’s Gromit-athin, which she has undertaken with the help of morsels of Wensleydale to raise money for Medical Detection Dogs, who trained her. This is the link to Just Giving, if you’d like to sponsor her: We visited 18 Gromits today with Lola, who now gets …

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S is for Spider monkey

Spider Monkey, taken by Michael Schamis, under creative common license here. . Spider Monkey (Written for Bristol Zoo 21013, up in the monkey house) . Said spider monkey to the fly, I love to leap from branch to sky, . and stop to look and hook my tail upon a branch along my trail . …

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D is for Dung Beetle!

If it wasn’t for dung beetles recycling dung of every description, breaking it down and burying it in the soil, making it available for earthworms and other creatures to break down further, we would be armpit deep in poop, and our land would not be aerated or fertile. When animals such as cattle were imported …

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N is for Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

I really love these rare Australian marsupials. Their hairy noses are very sensitive and help them to smell their food in the dark as they have very poor eyesight. As well as the unusual claim to fame of having a hairy nose, they are known for being one of the largest herbivorous animals to live …

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B is for Bumblebee Bats and Bees

Bumblebee Bats and Bumblebees! Two species in one blog ! First, the bumblebee bat, which is the smallest mammal in the world! Only the size of a bumblebee (hence its name) at just over an inch long, it weighs less than 2g. Bumblebee bats live in caves in Burma and Thailand, and are endangered by …

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Paradox Frog

  The paradoxical frog lives in lakes with floating vegetation in South America and Trinidad. Scientists do not know why this frog lays eggs which hatch into huge (up to 27 cm) tadpoles, but which shrink instead of growing into small (4-6 cm) frogs. It is not endangered at the moment. Illustration© Liz Brownlee

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Bamboo Tree Frog

. Illustration © Liz Brownlee Bamboo tree frogs are quite numerous and not endangered, which is why he’s not in my book,  Animal Magic!

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I love writing shape poems – I’m so lucky, they seem to come to my brain while I’m writing the poem, so I can accommodate certain words or letters to appear in the right place to work as a picture. That’s what happened with ‘Hippobotamus’. This puzzle was made and painted for me by Holly …

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Animal Magic

My book, Animal Magic, will be published in April. It contains more than 40 poems and facts about endangered animals, beautifully illustrated by Bristol artist, Rose Sanderson.The foreword is by Dr George McGavin, insect and small animal expert on ‘The One Show’ and ‘Expedition’ series on the BBC. If you’d like a copy, you can …

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