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NPD Poem of the Day, by Nicola Jackson

. Poem of the Day is this fabulous message sent in by Nicola Jackson: . . Dear Earth, . . Keep the high combes fluted with flaked grey rock, the empty places where the Steinadler soars, where shattered scree chutes tumble into darkness and turquoise glacier pools feed the torrents’ roar. . As ice rivers shrink, …

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45 Days until National Poetry Day!

Are you a poet? There are only 45 days until National Poetry Day, and this year the theme is ‘Messages’. Do you have a message for the planet, or an animal? Could you write a message poem from an animal, or habitat, or the world, to humanity? I am collecting message poems of this type …

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J is for Jelly-ish

This incredible photo is by Henry Jager on Flikr. It is of a chain of jelly-like salps – such beautiful creatures, which can appear like pulsating jewelled necklaces in the water. They look very like jellyfish and propel themselves in much the same way, contracting their tube-like structure and expelling water behind them, in fact they have …

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